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I start every whip with a tapering shot bag filled with #12 lead shot, the same as high end kangaroo whips. An 8 plait belly and bolster is woven over the core. Finally a 12 plait overlay finishes the whip.

Every whip will be custom made to order. Completion time will vary with current orders. I will send you an email after your purchase with a completion time frame.

Due to the limitations of my buttons, please enter your 2nd paracord color choice in the box provided. Choosing the same color as #1 will make the whip a solid color.

The default pattern will be a 3 over 3 chevron pattern. If you would like anything different, like 1 over 1, 4 over 2, 5 over 1, etc. please add a note during checkout with what you would like, or email me at after you place your order. Please feel free to add any other requests as well.
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